Beauty of the Flower


Flower grows petals,
Petals of rich color that
Make Queens envious for no
Robe or gown could match
Its beauty.

Flower blossoms beautifully,
A might crown on its head
Makes High Kings rage
For no gold of theirs
Could match.

Flower dies gracefully
Where Kings die of bloodshed and disease
In a meadow, far from
Prowling eyes
Where Queens in deathbeds are mourned for
Petals fall, and
Strong stem hunches
King’s last breath
Queen’s failing heartbeat
Into eternal slumber.


Summer is in full blossom, and I couldn’t help but to take a picture of these gorgeous flowers that I found in my daily travels. These pictures really inspired me to truly look at the many beautiful things that surround my daily life. I don’t need to go to Paris, France to truly see some breath-taking sights when I could just look in my backyard.

This poem I wrote is inspired by that philosophy. The flower represents the beautiful object that is present in one’s daily life, and the kings and queens represent the exotic places that many dream of seeing. But in our daydreams, many of us focus so many of our time on the kings and queens that we miss out on the beauty of the flower in our life.

So, I encourage everyone to take a little time to remove ourselves from our personal bubbles and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.

-The Daily Writer







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