Writing Everyday Makes You a Better Writer | 30 Day Writing Challenge

As an aspiring author and editor, it is important that I write everyday as well as read everyday to further my skills even more, but often times writing everyday is not simple. I do not lack the motivation or the time, but I almost always lack the inspiration to write something new and creative. Often times, if I write something new, I think it’s horrendously stupid and I archive it in my Junk files. I am such a fierce critic of my own writing that a lot of times I never end up sharing a lot of my work to the world.

To solve this problem, I decided to participate in a 30 day writing challenge from eadeverell.com (great website for writers by the way you should totally check it out) so that I am forced to write everyday and share it with the world even if I think it’s garbage.

For all my writers and readers out there, feel free to join me in this writing challenge and fully stretch those writing skills. I would also recommend it to anybody else not just my writing friends because being able to express yourself clearly and eloquently is a skill that everyone should have

Starting tomorrow I will actually become a daily writer.

Happy Writing!



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